Cosmo Book Club: Women's Stuff

Funnny woman Kaz Cooke has turned her hand to all things woman related, and her new book is packed full of funny stories and loads of useful, girly info. Women's Stuff is about the things that can make us miserable or make us feel fulfilled, depending on our attitude and how well informed we are: from appearance and body image to physical and mental health, money and family, love and sex, home, work, spirituality, sleep and shopping. In 100 years, if a copy of this book survives, somebody will have a squiz at some of the info in it and think 'What a lot those poor sods didn't know in the early decades of the 2000s', just as today I looked at a tatty old copy of the Ladies' Handbook of Home Treatment from 1912 to find that a honeymoon should be 'sacredly set apart for the enjoyment of intimate companionship, the communion of good books, and the practice of the simple life in God's great out-of-doors'. What I can promise for this book is that this info is as up to date, useful and timeless as I can make it right now. (Regular new editions will be updated – see News page for info). Women's Stuff isn't a bunch of 'results' gathered from dodgy 'surveys' to prove a point or theory I have. I'm not trying to make you agree with me. This book isn't trying to sell you anything but the truth about what you need to know. And it's as fun to read as I can make it without sending out a DVD of comedy dancing with each copy. You don't need to read Women's Stuff as you would a novel – you can use the index or go to an area that interests you. You can pick it up when you need it. You can reach for it when a friend is always referring to your weight; when you find a lump in your breast; when somebody dies and you need to know what to do; when you wonder if you should pluck, wax or leave it alone; when you're falling in love but something seems weird… It can tell you where to start if you want to keep chooks or improve your sex life (it's not an either/or situation); leave an abusive partner; find out whether cosmetic surgery is for you, or how to get more sleep; which cooking oil not to buy; how to deal with your mother-in-law or stepson; how much alcohol equals a drinking problem; whether and when to get pregnant; how to join a crafting group; what conditioner does; how to treat pimples or wrinkles; and how to retrain and get a new job, or volunteer for charitable weed-whacking in Ulan Bator... This book is all about cutting the crap and giving you the info you need to enjoy your life the best way you can – and to take back your beauty, your body and your brain. Enjoy. Extract from Women's Stuff by Kaz Cooke, Viking, RRP $59.95.