Drama Queen (Week 40)

Food for thought: The unkindness of others is the fertilizer for ones own growth.

I keep having nightmares. They have similar themes, and they happen every few days. I'm usually swimming in rough seas and struggle to keep afloat. I wake up feeling disturbed. I wonder at why these dreams keep happening. It started after I got this new job, which really I love. The dreams are making me reluctant to go to sleep in case I have another one. It's affecting my energy levels, and concentration. Please help!

Nightmares can be a great blessing. They wake us up, to make sure we are receiving a message. If we don't "get it", the message is replayed over and over until we work it out. Then the nightmares will stop. The sea represents enormous emotional energy to be respected. The sea is also your life force. Swimming symbolizes learning emotional lessons, and in your case it appears you are not "staying on top " of some life issues. Perhaps the link with your new job and your nightmares could make more sense now. It seems you have plunged into your new job and need to take better care of yourself. Reach out to someone at work for support and guidance. Consider too, meditation or yoga could bring better balance to your life.

I have a group of close friends that spend lots of time together. We celebrate victories, and support through each other through the challenging times, and have some very good memories of things we've done together for over five years now. The dilemma is that one friend has become so negative, that it's got to the point where we don't want to invite her to my birthday lunch. She's become a wet blanket any time we are together. We have discussed how we can meet without telling her, yet we feel uncomfortable about avoiding her, and frankly being deceitful as we have always been honest with each other. What can we do?

So you feel uncomfortable about finding a solution, which may involve being dishonest. And that's why you've thrown this out to the universe for an answer. This friend perhaps has issues she's not dealing with, and it's a backhanded compliment that she lets down her guard to "be herself" with the group. These people are sent to us as teachers. Anyone who presses our buttons is there for a reason. Search within for the wet blanket part of your own psyches. As we cannot recognize something we have not experienced ourselves. There are times aren't there, when you feel a little low? So a little introspection is called for here. The next step is to accept her as she is, which means also you accept that part of you that reflects her. What you resist, persists. As you lower your resentment towards her, and instead of anticipating the worst, think of her good qualities, and dwell on the fun times you've had with her in the past, the vibe of goodwill cannot be underestimated. Do you have a question for our resident drama queen, Gerda Foster? Click here