(extra)ordinary powers

The Cosmo office share their mediocre superpowers. What's yours?

Did you know everyone has a mediocre superpower? It’s true! We’re not talking about walking through walls or talking to animals but more mundane little skills. Whether it’s always getting the green light or being able to find what you want on sale, we all enjoy a bit of luck in certain parts of our life. Being rather ordinary, it doesn’t always come true – just most of the time.

Here at Cosmo, we’rve been sharing our mediocre superpowers, and now we're telling you! We want to hear about yours too, so make sure to let us know in the comment box below...

Nikki Lowe, fashion assistant:

I retain really useless information, or notice really useless things, which helps me win certain arguments about what actually happened. For example: my boyfriend thinks I didn’t tell him about a date we organised and I come back with “Yes I did, I told you the other day when we were sitting at a café and a man rode past on a red bike and his glasses were on top of his head and the waitress had flour in the shape of a hand on her left butt cheek.” No one can argue with those extra little observances. No one.

Leisa Maait, art director:

Somehow I always manage to get the last seat on the bus, no matter which stop I get on.

Alexandra Whiting, editorial coordinator:

I am very good at ordering the best thing on the menu.

Susannah Singh, digital content manager:

I always get to make the first move in Scrabble. If my competitor holds a tile in each hand, I can guess which hand is holding the tile with the highest points. From memory, I’ve been wrong once. Maybe.

Katie Spies, senior producer:

I’m a super power walker. Seriously (not to toot my own horn), but I can walk really quickly. One day you might even see me standing on the Olympic medal dais. Joking. Or not.

Julia Naughton, production and features coordinator

I tend to lose a lot of special things, like heirloom jewellery and passports. But they always end up magically appearing a few months later.

Christine Estera, senior subeditor:

I have a really bad habit of driving around with my gas tank practically empty, and yet my car has never stopped on me!

Clarie Goodall, chief subeditor:

I’m good at coming up with imaginative and thoughtful gift ideas for people, even if I don’t know them, when someone doesn’t know what to get.

Alanah Pickup, junior fashion editor:

I have a really good memory. Especially in the board game "memory" I always win.

Yeong Sassall, features writer:

I always get parking spots close to where I need to be, or right outside my house.

Leigh Campbell, beauty editor:

I can guess what song iPod shuffle is going to play before it plays it.

Lindsay Gough, designer:

My mediocre superpower is to fly around the world practically for free!

I always seem to end up with friends working for airlines – hence super cheap tickets and plenty of last-minute holidays.

So tell us, what is your mediocre superpower?