Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Witches and murder and mayhem, oh my!

On Tuesday night I walked the blood stained white carpet for the premiere of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. After a very jovial Jeremy Renner and oh-so-beautiful Gemma Arterton introduced the film, Arterton adding “I think it will appeal very much to the Australian sense of humour”, it was down to business. And by business I mean, witches, blood, and two kick-arse, angry orphans who swear like sailors.

On the upside, the film is lots of fun, very sassy, Gretel is a babe, great use of 3D, plus, it’s nice to see ol' Hansel and Gretel turn into superheros. Oh and another plus (small spoiler alert) that whole business about their mean parents leaving them in the forest gets cleared up.

On the downside, the witches – while being very scary – sort of look like Peter Jackson’s Orcs, and it’s all a touch silly. However, after the last few three-hour intense cinema sessions thanks to Jackson, Tarantino et al, (it’s been a season of very indulged directors don’t you think?) a quick, light-hearted blood bath was just what the doctor ordered.

We have an exclusive clip and the trailer here:

It's out February 7th.