See the light

My new favourite way to combat breakouts...

By: Leigh Campbell

So, y’all know that I suffer acne and breakouts from PCOS. If you don’t know then you clearly don’t stalk the internet for my old blog posts, while eagerly awaiting my new ones. Shame on you.

Anywho, as you can imagine, it’s sorta tough being a beauty ed, walking round with full-on breakouts. It’s kinda like if an overweight personal trainer tried to tell you they knew what they were talking about. I know lots about skin, so it’s frustrating that with all my knowledge I still struggle to get a full grip on a persistent hormonal imbalance. Cue an email from a PR that stated she had a treatment that targeted active acne. I replied immediately in size 24 font “I HAVE ACTIVE ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Fast forward to now and I am four treatments into a six treatment course of Rejuvalight. At $75 a session, Rejuvalight is literally a light that you lay under for half an hour - akin to a solarium for the face, but without the tan. It’s non-invasive, meaning there are no needles or extractions (music to the ears of girls who know how it feels to have already-sore bumps lanced and prodded). The special wavelengths of light penetrate the skin and kill bacteria (as well as stimulate collagen fibres, diminishing fine lines and plumping the skin).

Praise the beauty lords, my skin has started to clear! I still have spots but they are nowhere near as apparent or angry. And I will see more results in my remaining two treatments. After that I can maintain as needed with further appointments. Hurrah! Just in time for the party season.

Sydney ladies, I am seeing a lovely lady (expert, actually) by the name of Natalie at the Privee Cosmetic Clinic in Woollahra. Her site is Girls around the country I suggest you search the internet to find a place near you (after you search for all my old blog posts, of course).