What we've learned in 2012

A lot of weird and wonderful facts pass through the door at Cosmo. Here are the most interesting things we've learned...

There are 8765.81 hours in a year and at Cosmo a lot of those hours are spent writing, researching and learning about weird and wonderful facts. At any given time our heads are full of “did you knows” that we blurt out at random occasions. There is just so much to learn here and we can’t keep it in. We need to share it. So if you want to play agony aunt, shock people or entertain them with interesting tales, then we can help you.

Here is a wrap up of what we’ve learned this year:

Men and women fight differently. This might seem obvious but when relationship expert Matt Bambling laid out the facts, we saw our own behaviour in a whole new light: Venus versus Mars.

Porn affects guy’s short-term memory: Porn makes men got to mush.

There is website for cheating

Our genes are to blame for making us love a saviour: Why are we so into heroes?

Partners are more likely to cheat at Christmas parties: Christmas party danger zone.

Women prefer Ryan Gosling-types over the “Channing Tatums” of the world: Keen on lean.

You can bring your different social groups together with a little ingenuity: The art of friendship blending.

Speed dating can be brutal: Would you ever try speed dating?

When it comes to sex, Australians are pretty average and that hot Mediterranean climate has the Greeks the most hot and bothered out of everyone. The average Greek has sex 184 times are year and we have sex only 106 times. We do beat a few old competitors though: Sex by country.

If you’re not get enough nooky from your man, maybe we should try treating him like meat: Can’t get no satisfaction.

Sperm is dying out. Everyone panic! But seriously, it’s becoming a global issue: The death of sperm.

Casual sex can be good for your mojo. This isn’t that surprising for us but now we have science to back us up: Do you have one night stands?

There is not enough information available on designer vaginas and anyone should be wary of where they are getting their information (and Google isn’t a good source): Designer vagina?

There is a new app for sexting called Snapchat but it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be: New appp made for sexting?

Our sex dreams aren’t always about sex: 40 (hot) winks.

You can pump your G-spot with $1000 injections, which don’t sound totally above board to us: Buy your G-spot with a G-shot.

Your phone can help kick start your libido: Put the O in phone.

The blue light from our computer is one of the worst things we can look at before going to bed. It can even be making people depressed: Bright light blues.

We’ve finally learned to stop wasting time trying to make decisions, and just make one (with the help of a pen and paper): Stop the decision angst.

The most tragic gift ever is a Boyfriend Pillow: Worst Xmas present ever?

Everyone has been tweeting about Bodyism’s 15-minute super workout. We're going to try it for ourselves: The 15 minutes super workout.

Our new favourite fitness instructors are online and it's definitely ruining any excuse about not having the time to exercise: iSweat.

Using non-essential tasks to procrastinate is wasting our time and keeping us in the office after hours. Our resolution this year is to be more efficient: Wasted seconds.