Be the perfect plus one

Your guide to being the perfect date for any party...

Be the perfect plus one

How to be the perfect plus one… at a party

Your new date has asked you to a New Year's Eve party. Scary? Sure, but if you work it right, not only can it be fun, it can also leave a great impression on a guy.

  • Don't follow your date around all night. If he's a polite fella, he will introduce you to a few people, but don't expect him to hold your hand and never let go. These are his friends and by him bringing you to a party it means he's excited for you to meet them, and also for them to meet you; so get mingling.

  • Avoid drinking in excess, there's nothing worse than being the passed out girl nobody (including your date) wants to take credit for.

  • Sitting on your phone, on Facebook or Instagram all night might feel like the most comfortable thing to do, but avoid it at all costs. Even if you're stuck for a few minutes staring blankly at photos of people who don't know, you will still come across friendly and happy to be there, not bored and anti-social.

How to be the perfect plus one… at dinner

Your guy has invited you around to dinner, only to announce a few hours beforehand that his parents will be dropping around too. Never fear, we know how to make sure you ace the very first dinner with Mum and Dad:

  • Do as much research as you can. Even a quick "What does your Mum do again" or "where did your Dad grow up", will come in handy if the conversation starts to lag. Plus, your boy will get bonus points when they think their son's been talking about them.

  • Mind your manners. Depending on their family, know what to call his parents and what they consider good table manners. What your guy thinks is acceptable when it's Friday-pizza-night, and what they are expecting from their potential daughter-in-law could be extremely different.

  • Be prepared to talk, a lot. This is the first time meeting a girl they've (hopefully) heard quite a bit about. They're going to ask about work, where you live and all the other getting-to-know-you questions, so be prepared to get chatting.

How to be the perfect plus one… at a summer wedding

So, the guy you're dating has invited you to his mate's/cousin's/colleague's summer wedding, which is great, aside from the fact that you'll know nobody. Follow these steps to avoiding any tense moments:

  • Even if you haven't met the bride or groom, get clued up about them and their relationship. Were they high school sweethearts, did they meet at work or why did they choose this location/date/theme? Although they don't know you, it's their big day, so take the time beforehand to know who you're celebrating.

  • Understand that while your date should do his best to keep you entertained, he's not going to be able to babysit you all night. There will be people he needs to catch up with, toilet breaks and potentially a length conversation with a long-lost relative. Pack your best friendliest smile and get ready for some serious small talk.

  • When choosing your outfit for the big day, don't try and make a statement. Of course, you want to impress the lovely lad whose arm you're on, but the last thing you want is the sister of the bride asking who "the girl in the bright yellow" is.