Date on demand

Want a date on Wednesday? OKCupid's Crazy Blind Date app can make it happen. But be careful what you wish for...

It’s Wednesday and there’s the distinct possibility you’re going to spend your fourth night in a row sitting in your PJs watching Gossip Girl reruns. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could snap your fingers and conjure Prince Charming to take you on a date instead?!? Well some lucky American gals can. Online dating website OKCupid has launched an app called Crazy Blind Date, which helps you get dates on demand. You can a weekly date night, with a new dude every time. The choice is yours.

The app, which is free for iPhone and Android, aims to cut through all the to-and-froing of online messages so you can get straight to the point – meeting up. The catch? You get no visual of your date whatsoever. No picture - it’s like a blind Blendr. So if you’re all about looks, this one might not be for you. Instead you nominate days you’d like to go out, pick your favourite bar and boom, the app does the rest. It pairs you up with potential beaus based on your age and location, and once it’s decided your future husband it sends a confirmation. Just to make sure you’re not awkwardly wandering around asking strangers if they’re “LoveDoctor3000”, you can start instant messaging each other an hour before your scheduled meet-up. This should give you enough time to get a description and send a few probing questions.

As if there wasn’t enough pressure already, after the date you’ll both be asked to rate it by buying kudos. The more they pay, the better your rep and the higher priority you’ll get for being matched up in the future – and vice versa. Fingers-crossed you don’t meet a scrooge, or their refusal to pay can make you look like a dud date. Ouch.

While it sounds like it could be fun, we can’t help but have a few reservations. After all, the potential for normal blind dates to go horribly climb-out-the-bathroom-window wrong is well-documented, and surely this increases exponentially if you know pretty much nothing about the person you’re about to go out with. In normal circumstances, even if you’re potential soul mate turns out to be cray-cray, at least whoever set you up has to answer to your wrath, right? Plus they should be able to vouch that your dinner partner isn’t totally round the bend. But with the Crazy Blind Date app you don’t get any safety nets or guarantees. You could get exactly what the name suggests, a loco drinking buddy. The internet doesn’t exactly encourage honesty, but at least with normal online dating sites you can have a few chats first. With this app, you get nada until you’re practically at the bar. Scary, right? At least if your date is banking on kudos, they are more likely to be on their best behaviour Still, even if you give them a damning review, how hard is it for them to just set up a new account and start again?

What do you think? Would you give it a go?