Science says you might be a psychopath if you're friends with your ex

Wait, WHAT?

By Natasha Harding

Breaking up on good terms is something almost everyone strives for, but apparently the desire to ‘stay friends’ with your ex may not be as noble as it seems - soz. In fact, according to a recent study, those who keep in touch with previous partners might actually be psychopaths.

That’s one big ass MIGHT.

The study, published in the Personality and Individual Differences Journal, asked participants to give 5 reasons why they decided to stay friends with their ex. While many cited sentimentality, reliability and trustworthiness as why they wanted to stay in touch with their previous lurrver (natch), a few gave some pretty effed up justifications. Those who quoted strategic motivations, such as pragmatism and maintaining sexual access, were associated with possessing a ‘dark triad’ of personality traits, ranging from narcissism to psychopathy. Eep!

The takeaway? If you suspect you’re only staying in touch with your ex ‘cause they could be useful in the future, science says you’re basically a bad person and you should try cutting the cord. Or, if you receive a late night booty call from your past boyf, DON’T DO IT. Bitch [might be] crazy.

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