Hot or not?

A millisecond is all it takes for a man to decide…

New findings have revealed that it takes a man only a millisecond to decide on a potential partner.

While this snap judgment may seem shallow, scientists are defending the results, saying that males are simply following "ancient" genetic preferences to date attractive females and see beauty as a cue of fertility.

Professor Mark van Vugt and Dr Johanna van Hooff of the University of Amsterdam revealed that men’s survival instinct draws them to women with a pretty face because they are more likely to "carry on their line".

"Men definitely have the most wandering eye but it is because they have evolved to pay attention to cues of fertility and one of those cues is facial beauty - it's not that men are shallow", Professor van Vugt said.

Women on the other hand don’t base their decisions on looks, but focus on traits such as commitment, a good personality, and the ability to be a good provider.

Van Vugt also said that women need more proof as to whether a man is a good mate, stating that they "make their decision much later than men".