Love drug

Scientists have discovered a "fidelity" hormone might be keeping your man faithful...

Scientists believed they’ve discovered a “fidelity” hormone, which discourages guys from cheating. The “cuddle drug” oxytocin, which is already involved in creating feelings of love, trust, sexual attraction and confidence, also has another job: keeping your man loyal.

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain, which plays a big role in childbirth by forging a bond between mum and bub. It's also released when men and women are having sex.

Since the hormone also increases feelings of trust, researchers thought male subjects, who’d been administered the drug via a nasal spray, would be more likely to allow any woman to get close and cosy with them. So as part of a recent experiment scientists from Bonn University in Germany asked a foxy women to approach males until they indicated their “ideal distance”. They basically had to speak up when they thought this woman go too physically close to them.

It was discovered men in relationships, under the influence of the spray, preferred to stay four to six inches away from attractive women. Rather than making the guys want to get close to just anyone, the chemical made them want to stay true to their partners.

As proof, boyfriends who were given dummy drugs were more than happy to get up-close and personal with the hot experimenter. Unsurprisingly, so were all of the single guys, whether they were spiked with oxytocin or not.

So basically this means oxytocin makes attached guys disinterested in other ladies. Simple.

Other studies have found the hormone responsible for monogamy in animals (Prairie Voles to be specific), so we don’t think the researchers should be surprised. After all, you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals.