Read his lips

Got a crush? Gauge his interest by reading his body language...

When you’re talking to your crush, it can be hard to read if he’s into you or if your fantasies are colouring your judgement. Is the spark actually there or is it totally one-sided? If you’re desperately trying to use your brain power to read his thoughts, then never fear, Cosmo can help you work out if his eyebrow wiggle is a “come on” or a twitch. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture. One piece of body language might mean nothing, but altogether they form a sentence that says: “I want to take you right here, right now.”

Signs to watch out for:

He looks at you a lot. He may not even be aware how much he is doing it. Have you ever noticed someone looking at you all night? Have you later realised it was because you were staring outright at them? It’s pretty easy to do, right? When the object of desire is right in front of you, it can be hard to look away. Check to see if he is finding it hard to peel his eyes away from you. Warning: make sure it’s not because you’re hogging the conversation.

He leans toward you a lot. We mean a lot. Just because you touched shoulders, doesn’t mean you’re getting married. But if he consistently invades your personal space and is always touching you with lingering contact, then it’s a very good sign. He might find small excuses to hug you, such as a greeting or expressing excitement when telling a story. He might brush your legs a not move away. Try to turn the tables and gauge his reaction. If you brush you hand against his neck or hold his forearm with your hand, how does he respond? If he flinches, tenses or moves away, he isn’t interested. If doesn’t shake you, then you’re in.

His limbs are pointed at you. Yes this sounds like weird phrasing, but if his hands, feet, legs, toes or anything other limbs point toward you, this could be a subconscious indicator of his attraction.

He repeatedly grooms himself. If he is pulling at his tie, readjusting his shirt or constantly trying to run his finger through his hair to make it neater, then he could making himself pretty for you. It’s the equivalent of preening like a bird.

He has open body language. If he has closed body language then it means he isn’t interested. Crossing his legs away from you, crossing his arms and clearly facing away, is how he indicated disinterest. But if he has open body language, avoids showing you his back and keeps his limbs uncrossed then he is engaged with you.

He looks at you every time he cracks a joke. If he likes you, he wants you to know how awesome he is. If you’re both talking in a group, and he makes a joke, his eyes will flick to you for a second to see if you laugh too. It’s a sign he wants to make a good impression on you.

Pay attention to his friends’ body language. If they know he’s into you, they probably won’t be above some gentle ribbing, when you’re there. They might push him onto you and then suddenly go MIA to help things along. Do they smirk when they look at you talking to each other? They could be silently egging him on.

Always take solo signs with a pinch of salt, look for multiple clues and don’t twist things to see what you want to see. It will only be embarrassing if you pounce on him later. It’s always better to make an informed attack rather than go rogue.