School of love

Guys share the BIGGEST relationship lesson they've ever learned...

After a serious grilling by Cosmo, these guys revealed what their ex-relationships taught them:

“Don’t get too stressed about little things.” Ben, 28

“Always think of your girlfriend before yourself.” Chris, 30

“Trust is like a mirror. If it's broken it can be repaired, but you'll always see the cracks. I'm Jerry Springer, be good to yourselves and each other.” Tim, 28

“To Listen.” Sam, 28

“I have learnt a little from all my previous relationships. I was once told they are all a learning curve until you have learnt enough to sustain the final relationship. Who know if that is true… In addition I still don’t like tofu and will not be forced to try it again.“ Alex, 26

“It’ll be fine.” Jason, 27

“Make sure you make time for your friends still, too much time together is overkill and leads to an unhealthy relationship” Max, 31

“That lying will always catch up with you, the truth is always the best option.” Trent, 30

“Trying to be considerate of others.” Dave, 27

“Be honest.” James, 27

“If you like her, make sure she knows it!” Mitch, 29

“Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes is vital… not that I’ve ever done this.” Alexander, 29

"I've learnt that relationships need to be balanced. You need to make sure that each person gives and gets the same, emotionally, physically and financially (etc) as the other. If you're off-kilter in one area, you need to make it up in another part of the relationship." Nick, 29