The six signs he’ll NEVER change

Want to know whether your current beau is worth sticking around for? Then read this, stat…

By Edwina Carr
Six signs he will never change

Ever been in a relationship where the guy you’re dating is great but there are a few little things about him you’re not quite sold on? Well those “little” things could actually be huge indicators that he’s not right for you. We’ve compiled the six signs to look out for so you can get out there and snap up a guy who’s actually worthy of you. Sounds like a good plan, right?

1. He doesn’t care about your friends

While you’ve spent months trying to get to know all of his friends, he never wants to come to your social engagements, and when he does he doesn’t bother to try to get to know your besties. Awkies all round.

Sorry to say it ladies, but if he’s not fussed about trying to win over your friends, he probably never will be. “He may not be that into you or see a long-term future with you,” says Christina Spaccavento, relationship specialist and counsellor. “Ask yourself if you want to be with a guy who has no interest in your friends because this could influence your happiness with him.”

2. He gets agro when guys flirt with you

Sure, we’re all flattered on some level when the guy we’re seeing gets super jelly of other guys hitting on us. It shows he cares, right? But if he’s constantly firing up at other dudes for merely talking to you, your relationship alarm bells should start to sound.

“This could be an indication that he has some jealousy and/or anger issues. This kind of behaviour will limit your freedom and could get worse. Your safety comes first and if your gut instinct is telling you he’s got an aggressive side, then you’re probably right,” says Christina.

3. You feel more self-conscious around him than anyone else

Fact: it’s natural to care what your partner thinks about you. What’s not natural is feeling self-conscious about your body or constantly second guessing the things you say for fear he’ll call you out for being “stupid”.

Have a chat to him about how you feel and if he still puts you down, it’s not meant to be. Remember, your BF is meant to be an untapped source of compliments and adoration, not someone who judges you.

4. He treats you differently around his friends

All guys act differently around their mates to some degree but what does it mean if he flat out won’t show you affection, or makes fun of you when he’s with them? “It could mean that he’s just embarrassed to show you affection around them,” says Christina. “But it could illustrate a general lack of social skills or respect for you. Discuss it with him to get a greater understanding why he’s behaving this way.”

If he isn’t prepared to show his mates how special you are to him, then newsflash ladies: he doesn’t value you enough and probably never will. Time to say see ya, douche bag.

5. He’s constantly trying to change you

You know what’s awesome about you? You’re the only you out there! Which is why your boy should totally appreciate you. If he’s starting to demand you wear certain clothes or give up things that define who you are, it’s a definite sign that the relationship is headed down Struggle Street.

“He may be trying to make you fit into a projected idea of what the "ideal girlfriend is" for him. Your boyfriend should appreciate you for you and nothing else,” says Christina. If he’s all about trying to change you, it’s a pretty good indication that he is very happy with how he is, and probably won’t make a huge effort to amend his own behaviour and meet you halfway. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

6. He’s rude to the important women in his life

A true gentleman will not only treat you like a goddess, he’ll treat his mother, sisters and random women on the street with respect and courtesy too. “If you notice that he’s disrespectful to all the important women around him then it’s possible he could behave this way towards you when he gets to know you a little better,” says Christina. Chat to him about it and if he doesn’t see the error in his ways, it might be time to say buh-bye.