Love Him or Leave Him

Guy grief? Need all the advice you can get? Share your dilemma and let the Cosmo crew help you decide to Love Him or Leave Him. Play nice.

  • to Stay or go?
    11.52pm, March 18th
    HELP! I moved interstate with my partner to his mum's home with his sister. I thought moving up here would be a good idea since his old English teacher (who's 60 years old mind you) was obsessed with him! Bought him from waterproof video cameras to gym memberships to petrol weekly.She is out of the ...
  • The Ex Boyfriend (Help)
    11.08pm, June 4th
    About Three months ago now my boyfriend dumped me out of the blue. He told me that he couldn't give me the relationship I deserved, but yet he said he still wants to be with me? Anyway I would always see him out on a friday night and we would say hi to one another and thats it. I ended up going home...
  • Help me
    11.58pm, March 31st
    I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years. The first two were amazing but lately we've been back and forth between loving each other and hating each other and wanting to end things. When I ask to talk about the situation with him he either agrees with everything because he wants to have s...
  • Please help. Over It.
    6.52am, March 10th
    My Fiancée of 5 years is lovely bloke. But last year I found out he was buying these male sex toys, from the net. like Prostate Plug, Pump Up Dildo, Anal Plug with Cock Ring. stuff like that. Sorry about being SO RUDE with the wording.... And when he would go to work I would go up into the shed and ...
  • Girlfriend Boyfriend or Friends with Benefits?
    11.15pm, March 2nd
    So I was my friends house. And she has an older brother who I think is attractive and he thinks I'm attractive. So we have been talking a fair bit. And anyway my friend went to sleep so I went to get my iPad. But it was gone. I knew he had it cause he took it earlier and it took me twenty minutes of...
  • pornos
    9.50pm, March 2nd
    I've been dating a guy for a while now but we've had huge problems with porn, it's something a disagree with in a relationship and have been very clear about that since the start due to my last relationship, he was always very understanding and supposedly gave it up because he saw eye to eye with me...
  • Sex or Emotions?
    5.25pm, February 26th
    I have had this guy friend for years now- we're really close and have helped each other through a lot of really hard times. We always flirt but I've made it clear i'm not interested in a relationship with him. However, we have very similar interests sex-wise and we know just what to say to get each ...
  • The friend
    2.19am, February 21st
    So I have this really good friend of mine, we met three years ago. Since about a month now we are playing this " be attract to me game" and I can't bare it anymore. I'm a very fun girl and i love teasing boys, playing with them only now I on't know what is going on between us anymore... He's alway...
  • Is he ignoring me?
    9.29pm, February 2nd
    I met a guy on Tinder in December. He was persuing me which was great and text messages were initiated evenly between the both of us. We've hung out a handful of times and enjoyed eachothers company. He said he's not ready for a relationship but likes hanging out. I agreed re: relationship and sai...
  • BJ dilemma
    9.00am, February 2nd
    Been with my partner for over two years. I enjoy giving him BJ, but he is unable to reach an orgasm. I've tried everything from foreplay, sexy clothes, dirty talk, eye contact, role play, moaning , not moaning and all sorts of technics. I've asked him to give me a sign when I've hit the right move b...
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