Would you go on a save-cation?

9:3AM, Aug 2, 2013
Edwina Carr
Couples are going to seriously extreme lengths to rekindle their relationships.

We’ve all heard of the post-wedding “honeymoon” and the pre-kids “babymoon”, but the “save-cation”, where couples try to reignite their passion for one another? Nope, it wasn’t on our radar. But apparently, these do-or-die holidays for two are becoming increasingly popular and hey, it sure sounds like it beats couples therapy, right?

One the edge of a breakup? Relationship expert Elly Klein says that a save-cation could be a good move for you. “It’s a time for desperate couples to unplug, unwind and concentrate on nothing but each other. Getting away from it all (work, family, the list goes on…) can help re-ignite your passion for one another because there are no distractions,” she says.

Sure, a save-cation may work wonders for your relationship because the pressures of your usual environment aren’t immediate (c’mon, who could have a lover’s tiff during a spa day for two?) but this happy vibe mightn’t last when you return to reality. “If you’ve got real problems in your relationship (like lack of communication or anger issues) a stay-cation won’t fix it. Instead, use that holiday money to see a good couples’ counsellor,” says Elly.

So before you hand your credit card to your travel agent, have a good think about exactly why your relationship isn’t working. If it’s just that you’ve become distant lately, some time away together could be just what you need.

Even if a save-cation doesn’t result in incredible sex and proclamations of love as you watch the sunset, it could help you to figure out that you’re not right for each other a lot sooner than you might’ve. Would you rather spend the next year of your relationship unsure of whether you actually want to be with your BF, or come to a sudden realisation you’re not right for each other in a setting where piña coladas are on tap? We know which we’d prefer, and Karen Schaler, author of Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need to Go, agrees with us.

She told The New York Times that she took a last-chance save-cation six years ago where she and her boyfriend chartered a 45-foot catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. Sounds like paradise, right? And it was. “The more romantic the trip got, the more I was like, ‘Oh my God, I am in the right place with the wrong guy,’ ” she said. Just a few weeks later, they ended their relationship.

So, have you been on a save-cation? Would you go on one to save your relationship?


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