This is the age you should be having the best sex of your life

And, for once, men and women seem to be in sync!

By Katie Stow
what age do you have the best sex?

The Cosmo theory is: the more you know about sex, the better and more prepared you are for everything it involves — from awkward mid-bang cringes, to post-coitus confusion, we got your back!

The latest update we have to share with you is all about when you reach your sexual peak.

Shock of the century: Men and women have different peak times (because women are from Venus and men are from Mars, or some heebie-jeebie like that).

…But, despite older studies saying gals and guys were up to a century apart with their peak sex drives, new research has revealed that we are more in sync than we may think!

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The majority of both men and women have declared that their sexual peak is reached between the ages of 18 and 24 — with 42 per cent of men and 58 per cent of women saying HELL YEAH to high sex drives during this time.

And although we previously thought that women were in their sexual prime in their 30s, only 11 per cent of ladies said that was a good time period for them in the boudoir.

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Though it is great news that men and women are now in sexual sync with each other, what happens if you and your bedroom buddy aren’t so aligned?

In the same study, results revealed that sexual compatibility is actually way more important to women than it is to men — with 51 per cent of ladies saying that a mismatched libido has caused relationship problems for them before.

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Another interesting finding is that the results show a “growing female sexual confidence which has been increasingly evident since the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey five years ago,” Lovehoney co-owner, Richard Longhurst, explains.

So, in conclusion: our sex drives are more aligned than ever AND we have the sexual confidence to ask for what we want and talk out bedroom issues with our partners. SCORE!

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We should legit be having the best sex of our lives RN. No pressure.