New study reveals the most common sex injuries

10:17AM, Nov 7, 2014
Stop doing it in the toilet, you filthy weirdos.

While sex is usually a helluva lot of fun, it doesn’t always play out like a love scene in a movie – you get carried away, you’re in the moment, accidents happen.


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While we’re all for being adventurous in the bedroom, one third of adults injure themselves during sexy-time every single year. So it’s worth bearing in mind these warnings via new research by about the most dangerous sexual situations you can get yourself into.

For starters, the study states that 40% of people don’t even realise they’re injured until the following morning. According to health and fitness expert Dr Kevin Jardine, this is because of the endorphins that flow when making lurrrve, because while they're doing their thing in our bodies; they help mask any pain caused by uncomfortable positions.

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“As a result all kinds of muscle and joint injuries occur, together with carpet burns and bruises,” the study reads.

“Passionate sex often results not only in sprained wrists and twisted ankles, but also in broken chairs and shattered cups.”

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An analyst at Meetvile, who goes only by the name of Alex, points out that sex is a physical exercise, and if you don’t have a basic level of fitness your body is vulnerable to injury.

Their advice? Take time before getting down to remove any dangerous or breakable objects (like wine glasses or picture frames). And don’t try to have “Hollywood sex” by opting for somewhere exciting.

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