Tara O'Sullivan: Should we be dating more and mating less?

Should we be reviving romance in this day and age?

Once a upon a time when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, before mobile phones and Broadband, a time without Facebook and Twitter (I know, unimaginable!) there existed a little thing called romance. Romance, my dear readers, was used between males and females as a way of courting one another. Back when the Spice Girls were in nappies and the world was Beiber-less, a man employed an array of techniques in order to woo his chosen female. Such tactics may have included: arriving at the lady's house bearing flowers, conversing with her parents for the time it takes for the father to be at ease that his offspring will be in safe hands, finishing the evening by walking the lady to her front door, a simple good night kiss.

Now of course romance did not end after the first few dates; the male knew that in order to make his affections known, he must demonstrate his feelings. This was achieved through conversation, gifts, poetry, letters and spontaneous moonlit walks on the beach. Sex was saved until a level of trust and familiarity had grown between the pair of lovebirds.

What a time that must have been! It may seem all very "olden days" to us Gen-Y bunnies, but I think there might be something to this whole romance thing.
Imagine being courted... to have someone show such respect and care towards you. Gosh, the last date I went on the guy confessed after three beers he really didn't care who he went home with, and, I certainly have never received flowers on a first date. I'm so used to following the "date + date = mate" formula, that I've forgotten what dating is all about. I'm embarrassed to admit that there is a part of me that believes if I don't jump under the covers on the second date, then he will surely grow bored and think it's all just too much trouble. How bad is that! Do I really think I'm not worth the effort and time, or am I so used to living in a culture of one night stands and friends with benefits, that sex has lost its intimacy and romance is dead? No longer is there an expectation of commitment after intercourse, in fact some of us ladies pride ourselves on doing the very opposite.

So I ask you, in an age of porn and pole dancing; of sexing like men and 20 ways to max your climax... are we missing out on what really counts? Maybe it's time to bring back Loving Like A Lady and make those gents work for it. Perhaps two drinks at the pub and a takeaway just isn't enough anymore to make you want to set up camp under his doona. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the wonder of the one nighter, but just sometimes wouldn't it be nice to be treated for more than just sum of our parts?