Festival Faux Pas
30.01.2012 AlanahPickup

Now, I am not a regular festival goer, but I have been to a few in my time and boy are there some fashion faux pas going on. There is a lot more to look at then just the performers on stage.


I could easily launch into the crop top short shorts look, girls (and guys) wearing thongs all day, the posse of party goers in matching outfits, the shirts-off crew, the fluro’s and the butt-cheeks out denim lovers.


Obviously, everyone’s style is different especially at something like Big Day Out where you can see groups for all genre’s of music, this is so not a bad thing, but the main thing is, with so many hours of standing and walking you think that comfort dressing would overrule anything else.


But my main fashion faux pas concern this year was one made by main act (and one of my all-time FAVOURITES) Kanye West.


You heard me, he made a big (and obvious) Fashion Faux Pas – Outfit repeating..


There was quite a stir at last year’s Coachella Festival when Kanye performed in this amazing shirt, by womenswear designer, Celine. (See picture)


It was obviously fabulous and super cool, but unfortunately it has lost all its cache after being seen on him at numerous other performances.


For a hip-hop legend worth millions of dollars, and someone with his own fashion line, he could spring for a new shirt to at least mix it up a bit.


Although I am pretty sure I was one of the only festival goers to care about his outfits (it is my day job, after all).


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