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05.04.2012 Aliceh

Working for a bridal magazine has many perks … for the purpose of this blog we will pick WEDDING DRESSES!

Since the day I came to work newly engaged, the dresses that come in to the office to be shot for fashion have become one of my favourite things.

I walk through the cupboard several times a day just to see what’s in and what I can try on in our weekly ‘dress session’ – I feel like I am living in the movie 27 Dresses.


Having had the advantage of trying on so many dresses I booked my mum in for a day of shopping. I wanted it just to be the two of us, a special day. After getting out her dress to have a look at (and establishing it just wasn’t going to fit … ) we set off. I had two places booked - our first stop was Marry Me Bridal in Sydney’s Mosman. The ladies there were just lovely – they showed me through what they had, encouraged me to try on a few styles and off we went. Mum could tell by my expression as I walked out of the change room if I liked a dress or not and rolled with my decision … until I walked out in the last dress. I was in love! I felt like a princess. It fitted me as if it was made only for me and I couldn’t imagine myself wearing anything other than this on my special day. Strangely it was very similar to the dress my mum wore on her big day.


The second shop was not as successful - the dresses didn’t have the same magical feel as the last dress I’d tried on.


I promised my bridesmaid we would also have a day shopping and wanted to make sure I had tried on a few more before I went back to ‘the dress’. My second day is successful, but I still had the other dress in my head.

I called them up and they could squeeze me in the very next Saturday. I placed the call to mum and my future mother in law, and they were free. I tried on a few more styles before I put ‘the dress’ on – and I still loved it! I bought it then and there and now I’m just waiting for the call to say it has arrived.


My tips?

-Have a look in magazines like Cosmopolitan Bride before you go

-Book appointments and space them out so you are not rushed.

-Choosing your dress is a very special moment and should be shared with as many or as few as you feel comfortable with. Just remember sometimes these shops have many other brides and their mums so it can get squashy

- Have fun!


I can’t wait for my fiancé to see my dress and I am very much looking forward to walking up the aisle.



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