long time to get over
21.12.2011 Anniebelle

So a  year ago my boyfriend and i of 3 years broke up the break up was sad for the both of us but it wasnt messy. He dumped me and then weeks later dated one of my best friends.

At first i was super pissed but i eventually got over it. Even though all that went on i still had feelings for him. I dated a few guys after him and still realised the fact im still in love with him.

Ive tried getting over him and it seems rediculous that it takes this long to get over someone.

Recently we have both begun a friends with benefits type thing. I told him i dont want a relationship but im pretty sure he is seeing through that.

i like having a friends with benefits relationship with him because its something, but i dont know whether this is just going to end terribly so i should just be honest with him and tell him straight up, i love you still i cant just keep fooling around with you anymore?


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