NO DOUBT - The best body scrub, made free at home
05.06.2012 Babytales

I never would have thought so myself but gosh was i wrong.
 Home made beauty treatment's might sound a little old fashion but it trully is that easy and that satifying, once you try it you'll be cooking up all new and improved way's to energise, smooth, and relax your skin and overall health almost daily ! Ive been mixing my own beauty products at home for several years and ive never had a single problem, dont waste your money going to a day spa, why would you ? Ive made product's ranging from 2 step 2 ingredient fake tanners, face masks & creams, lip and hair treatments, ingrown hair treatments, even eye lash and anti aging treatments, but do i have a treat fo you !

I came across this body scrub while i was making an original ive used on and off for aa while now, with simply sugar & oils but i wanted something more soothing, and hydrating. Body scrubs are great for numerous things such as removing dead skin cells on the surface and leaving you with the soft, healthy skin underneith, exfoliation allows for new skin cells to regenerate leaving you with a healthy all over glow, it also allows for your body to take in the moister it needs to stay soft, not to mention what it can do for you mentaly, a good scented body scrub with the right oils containing the aromatherapy properties can do wonders.

I would recomened this to anyone and everyone although if you have extremely sensitive skin i would advise you to substitute the white sugar with brown sugar as is wont be as harsh on your skin.


1 cup white sugar( or brown for sensitive skin )

1/2 cup of oatmeal

1 TBS ground coffee

2 TBS honey

Enough olive oil to create a damp consistincy, and bring all of the above together WITHOUT creating a wet paste.

A few drops of vanilla eccense or any other essences or oil's you wish for. (optional)

After it is all combined simply put it in the microwave for 30 or so seconds to warm it up then smeer and rub as hard or as soft as you feel over your entire body. Be carefull not to rub to hard as it can scratch the skin and also be warnde that it is a messy job although the benifits far out do the mess, as your rubbing, consistantly wet your hands to keep it creamy.

The coffee also acts as a light tanner, and alone in a bath tub the right amount of ground coffee can give your whole body that perfect sunkissed look, so the more coffee you add to this mixture the more likely you are to see the benifits that your morning pick me up can truly give you. Although if you want this effect from the body srub alone add less oil and honey and add enough boiling water to disolve the coffee ground or simply disolve it in a shallow glass before adding it to your mixture and leaving it on your skin for longer.

After rubbing it over you body rinse in the shower then jump in a hot tub pre preped with milk and bath salts, to do this just add as much milk as you can spare into the water in your bath tub and if you dont own bath salts simple sea or rock salt will do the trick. If youve added extra coffee to your mix make sure to rub it over your entire body for as long as you can rub then leave it on for as long as you feel comfotable or for 30 minutes to an hour. Even as your rinsing off the scrub you will notice a complete change in the texture of your skin and might even question who's body your touching ! For consistant soft, rich and moisterised skin use this scrub weekly although you could use it as often as daily. Be sure to moisteris afterwoods and dont forget to flaunt that sunkissed, rich, soft skin ! Just dont give away our little secret ;)


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