Doily love
23.07.2012 Bethan

So my “little” sister Emilie is getting married in September and planning is in full swing. I can't wait for her big moment and needless to say I've been sending loads of dress, decoration, stationery, flower and cake ideas her way as I come across them here at the Cosmo Bride office.

We've just sent the next bumper edition of mag off to the printers (out August 6), and let's just say the 26-page DIY special has inspired me. So I'm living my creative bridal dreams through Em and her big day - hope she doesn't mind!

I've been keeping an eye out for table decorations that could go with Em's classic theme (but tighter budget). One idea I stumbled across on Pinterest the other day had me reaching for my craft supplies. A very clever Norwegian blogger had made divine tea-light holders from doilies.

All you need to make them are some doilies, balloons and wallpaper/papier maché-style glue. You stick around five doilies to the base of a balloon with the glue to create a half-sphere shape. Then you hang the balloon up and let the doilies dry overnight. Pop the balloon the next day and you have a pretty decoration that allows romantic candlelight to filter through the frilly holes. And it’s such a cheap idea too. Love it!

I've chatted to Em about it and we're going to have a doily decoration making workshop with family some weekend soon. I'll keep you all posted!

Photography by Spirello.


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