Queenstown Locals Guide
02.04.2012 CharlotteStokes

While we were in Queenstown shooting our Winter 2012 Fashion, we ran into Patrick a cute bartender called Patrick who works at Stacks Pub, Kawarau Village, Queenstown and asked him to give us some inside tips to Queenstown

Name: Patrick Reihl

Age: 22

Nationality: British

How long have you worked at Stacks Pub:  Stacks Pub opened along with the rest of Kawarau Village in June 2011, I was part of the opening team and have been working here since May 2011.

Why did you move to Queenstown: I didn’t want to go home

What is your favourite drink at the Stacks Pub bar: A cold pint

Must Try Dish: The K Burger is a definitely  a must try Stacks Pub dish, especially after snowboarding

Where is your favourite place to ski/snowboard – Why: The Remarkables!!!!!!

Best place for coffee: James at The Lake Counter in Kawarau Village makes the best flat whites!  Maybe he will give me a free one for this ;)

Favourite thing to do in Queenstown : Socialise...

Most exciting event happening in Queenstown this winter: Queenstown Winter Festival from June 24th – July 1st   I love the live music that goes on around town during the festival

Do many girls try and pick you up at the bar? Any funny ways? Always all about the older ladies!   One time this lady wrote her number  on a receipt and handed it to me.

Has anyone famous come in? There have been loads of rugby players including the wonderful Justin Marshall who is a Kawarau Village ambassador.

Any Kiwi slang you have picked up?  Chur Bro.  just how kiwis say their eeees i just love how that sounds


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