He makes me feel...
19.11.2012 CheekyDenny
So, its a complicated situation. Basically I met a guy who's friends with my older sister and older cousins. We hit it off straight away and since neither of us were looking for a relationship, we tried the "friends with benefits" thing. We both developed feelings for eachother and decided to try out a relationship (while keeping it a secret from my cousins and sister). My family don't like him too much. He's got nearly no sense of direction and is broke most of the time... not to mention he has a three year old daughter. However, the mother of his child wont let him near her because in the beginning he refused to acknowledge that was his child (lets just say, the mother is a bit of a slut). They view him as being immature, but don't see the fact that he's trying really hard to make a difference in this child's life now. I understand that they don't like him and probably never will... and I suppose their opinions stem from his reckless younger days but with me... he's different. He makes me feel like I'm the only girl on the earth. He gives me butterflies. We gravitate towards each other wherever we go. The problem is that he's scared to take the plunge and be in a relationship again because he's afraid of what my family and his friends will do. And we've been having the same argument over it for a couple months and I just can't seem to move on and tell him that its over. I love him, I really do. But I don't know if he'll ever make the decision to come out to my family... and that's a big thing for me. What do I do?
You be the love jury

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