Is it all in her head?
14.12.2011 courtie

My closest girlfriend has been with this guy that makes her smile and laugh whilst making her over all just happy. They have been dating for 9 months. This is her first relationship that she wasnt used in so she treasures it to the max! but recently he moved away to play NRL for one of the big teams so its been long distance for around 2 months now. You can see that she misses him but if she texts him he will probly reply once if she is lucky and he hardly every returns her phone calls and she can never reach him , he uses the excuse that he is constantly busy with work and training and all that and i completely understand but is that just his excuse? . She knowns he wouldnt cheat on her or do any of that but she wonders now is it time to let go of him or does she just wait it out until he pulls himself together. I told her to try and make herself as unavalible to him as he makes himself to her but he hasnt text or anything yet ? What is the best advice i can give her now she is to good a person .

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