A little sneak peek of the Cosmo Bride offices
25.05.2012 JennaT

Ever since I was a teen, I knew I wanted to work in magazines, so every time one of my fave magazines did a behind the scenes special, I would tear out the pages and stick them on my wall with excitement. Not knowing much about magazines then, this gave me a special glimpse into the wonderful world of the glossies. Thinking back to this time, I thought as an ode to that memory, I would share with you some snaps of our offices at Cosmo Bride!


  1. Our Cosmo Bride door is always plastered with the latest issue cover – it’s always rewarding when you see an issue of the magazine come together.
  2. Our junior fashion Editor Katerina is a bit obsessed with Kim.K as you can see by her inspiration wall – it is amazing though!
  3. In the fashion cupboard getting the bling ready for a bridal jewellery shoot.
  4. This is where the magazine comes together. As each page gets designed, it gets put up onto this wall.
  5. At my desk, I have attached some of my first Cosmo Bride features to the wall near my computer for future motivation. Shucks.
  6. Back issues of the magazine, the inspiration never gets old. Every read is always a surprise!
  7. Where all the work gets done on my trusty computer. As you can see I like polka dots and colour.
  8. Cookies from a bridal shoot, and yes, we got to eat them! One of the great pleasures of working on a bridal magazine, all the yummy treats!
  9. For my first birthday here I had a chocolate mousse puppy cake, how cute is its bow?
  10. Beauty and lifestyle writer Kristy starts planning a beauty and hair storyboard.



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