Would you wear ugg boots on your wedding day?
30.05.2012 kayla87

It’s a common dilemma: a bride buys a pretty pair of high heels which look fabulous of course, but after a couple of hours she’s searching for the nearest flat surface where she can perch and rest her aching feet.

These glamorous ugg boots could be the answer. They launched in the US this week and will be in the UK next week – next stop, Australia? Let’s face it, normal ugg boots can look somewhat unattractive, but can’t you just imagine donning these as you get your hair and make-up done? You have the option of the pearlescent ‘Bailey’ boot or the fluffy open-toe thong – depending if you are a winter or spring bride. They also make great presents for your bridesmaids.

 But would you be game to wear them under your wedding dress, once your heels have outgrown their welcome? I say why not? If your gown’s skirt is long enough to conceal them, just think how comfortable you’d be. And with many brides opting to change into gum boots or flats once the formalities are over, is this really any different?

 Let us know what you think!


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