Beauty lessons from Beckaa
24.07.2012 LeighACampbell

I am rarely rendered speechless. Last night was an exception. But before I berate Channel 10 for airing such dribble, I have to take responsibility for my own dying brain cells; I chose to watch The Shire (But I do have a beef with 10 for starting a show at 8.16pm. WHY?).

I’m conditioned to find the lining in every low point, so today’s take-home message from last night’s episode is this: Girls; you must take care of your hair, or it may end up like Beckaa’s. The breakage at her hairline and at the crown above her extensions are a result of peroxide that is far too harsh. Her hair stylist has gone ballistic with the bleach and it’s compromised her strands internal integrity. It has literally broken down the protein bonds that form the inside of  a hair shaft; dissolving her hair. Couple that with excessive heat styling (and possibly a diet of Red Bull and Doritos – I speculate) and you’re on a bullet train Breakage Central. The Mayor? Beckaa. No matter how coarse or robust your hair texture, extensions will also create damage – the tension caused by gravity will result in some strands snapping – full stop.

If Beckaa wants the pageant crown she needs to quit the peroxide, forgo the extensions, and let her own texture take over for a bit (sorry lovely, I’m thinking it might be on the crazy side of curly?). She will also benefit from a diet high in healthy fats (omega from fish, nuts and avocado) and should look at adding a silica supplement to her regime. A twice weekly ritual of a protein mask followed by a moisture formulation will soften up the fried ends until new, healthier hair grows through.

This will be the first and only beauty lesson we will learn from The Shire as next week I plan on choosing the more pleasant experience of eating pine cones.


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