Should I get back with my baby's father? (continue
31.01.2013 milf4lyf
I was so upset I was pregnant with his child and he was out fucking his ex. Life went on, I hadn't heard from him whatsoever. I had the baby and I started going through the Baby Blues. I looked on facebook and see what like 10 messages from him and some from his friends trying to talk to me. We started talking again and he said that he was sorry and he wants to have the whole family thing going on, he wants me him and our baby living together happily. I honestly do not know what to do. I want my baby to know who her father is but I don’t know if he is the best thing for her and myself? I truly love him and that will never go away because he is the father of my child. I took bub to meet him and he was so good with her I was so happy when I seen him holding bub and both of them together. So at this moment we are arguing AGAIN because he is jealous that I slept with 1 guy since him, even though he has been out spreading his seed everywhere he is annoyed at me because i'm 'his property' or something? He is angry because I lied and said I hadn’t slept with anyone because I thought that it wasn’t his business anyway. So he is saying stuff like oh I can’t believe you did that to me I’ll never forgive you. Like COME ON DUDE you fucking cheated on me and I forgave you for numerous things over and over and you think that you have the right to be angry at me for one little white lie? Please give me some advice ASAP. I really do not know what to do… xxThankyou for reading
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