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My Day My Way
My Day My Way
My day had a relaxed beach theme and was very fun, flirty and relaxed overall. We planned the day in just three months, deciding to take the plunge after many years - we just wanted to get married! The planning was super simple for me, as my in laws took over (as they're all in the bridal industry) and I was able to sit back and relax. For me, it was about marrying my fiance, not about the colour of the serviettes or the flowers! The best part of the day was stealing an hour to ourselves when we had the professional photos taken! It was so nice and calming just being whisked away for some one on one time - we're not the type of couple who wanted all the attention! The biggest hiccup would be when my sister, who was my maid of honour, fed my dog before the ceremony - and spilt dog food down her dress OUCH!


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