Genuinely good guy or playing me?
22.12.2011 oreo268

So, I just started seeing this guy for 2 months. "I" asked HIM out and he has been eager to hang out.. but after our first date, I feel like I am chasing him. For e.g. He takes hours to reply back to my msgs(4-8hours), sometimes initiates a Hi and What r u doing but I still feel like I put in way more effort than him.

He has gone overseas for a month and didn't mention how we were going to keep in touch .. but i guess he came from overseas for a holiday (international student) his priorities were already set and obvious. So, am i allowed to feel like this since were not exclusive yet?...we've slept together so I asked him what we were and he said "I don't know..I havent had much time to think about it." and when I said i wanted to know now before he goes away he said he doesnt want to have to think about it whilst on holidays but enjoyed hanging out and would like to see me when he gets back.

I dont want to a rebound or booty call and look desperate..but at the back of my mind I keep thinking this guy could be something but just busy.. don't know! Any advice?

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