21.12.2011 Queenbii

So my partner and I have been together for almost two years now, which may not seem like a very long time to many of your ladies but feels like an eternity to me :) 

It hasn't all been sunshine and lollipops however, there have been some trialing days..

For example.. I missed out of half of my bestfriends birthday because my lovely boyfriend decided he would drink an excessive amount of alochol, throw up  and pass out infront of all of my friends, bestfriend and her family.. I had to take him home and endure a long talk with my mother about the effects of alcohol.. To top it off My boyfriend flirted with about 4 other girls infront of me at the party..

The list goes on.. He has a female friend (I shall call her Sarah) who he is apparently very close with. Among his other female friends of course.  In the past he also had another close female friend who I found nude photographs of on his phone on valentines day! (I was not snooping he was showing me a picture of his car) so naturally when he begins to talk about Sue ALL the time and go out to dinner with her and go shopping and watch movies with her at her house I do get a bit jealous...

Also on schoolies, His mates told me that he brought home a random girl who was there for the whole night alone  with him because his mates didn't like her.. Now he says nothing happened.. But how do I know that?? I know that relationships are all built on trust.. but at the moment... its really hard.. Is it just me? Or is it him? am I over reacting?

Do you have a story for us?

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