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My Day My Way
My Day My Way
We are a same sex couple that have been together for 7 years, we got engaged two and a half years prior to the wedding and we wanted to have a legal wedding which ment flying to the other side of the world. We picked lake louise canada becasue it was something so different to what we could do at home. We decided on a march wedding becasue we wanted a white wedding and we were so lucky to have 1 meter of fresh snow just prior to our wedding day. We enlistered a wedding planner to help with the finer details this ment a lot of corrospondance via email which made for a big hiccup on the day. As our wedding day was quite warm -6 our wedding planner assumed we would be married outside however our guests were dressed for a summer australian wedding so we were able to move the ceremony inside. the best part of the day was sharing it with our family and finishing the night with a horse and sleigh ride around the beauiful frozen lake louise looking back towards the chateau.


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