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27.01.2012 SallyWood


I hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous Australia Day yesterday and for those that had to work today I hope it goes quickly!

I was lucky enough to spend the day at Sydney Big Day Out and it was amazing! Since I had so much fun I thought I should try my absolute hardest to convince you guys to hit up some great Aussie festivals (if you aren’t already) because there is quite literally something there for everyone to enjoy. To prove it my friends and I compiled a list of

Reasons to Love Festivals:

  1. The music – pretty obvious point (which is why it’s number one!) but BDO has such a variety of music there is no way all your friends can’t find someone to enjoy! And even though Kanye and Foster the People were awesome I have to say my favourite yesterday was definitely Boy & Bear!
  2. People-watching - this one may sound a little stalker-esque but there are just so many different kinds of people enjoying the day its kind of fun just to watch them for a while!
  3. Festival fashion – this one was top of my list and because I can’t describe all the sensational outfits I saw I have included a gallery of my favourite festival looks for you guys to check out yourselves.
  4. Meeting new people – festivals just seem to put people in a great mood, and why not? Day off from work, chance to dress up (or wear your bikini all day if that’s your style), chilling with mates. And when people are in a good mood you tend to chat more and make friends. Nothing wrong with making friends! (Just remember kids – don’t take candy from strangers and you’ll be safe!)
  5. Food – now we were too busy enjoying the music and taking photos of well-dressed-strangers to sample too much of the cuisine on offer but there definitely was a huge variety! From gozleme to nachos and everything in-between, again everyone will find something to quench their hunger.

Now if I haven’t convinced you enough check out my galleries from the day and see if they can help, because I could NOT recommend hitting up a festival this 2012 any more!

And also let me know how you guys spent your Australia Day! Did you have a quiet day enjoy the Top 100 or a hectic day with friends? Either way I hope you enjoyed it!! 


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