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14.12.2011 SarahNavin

I'm from the country. And when I say country, most city people picture tumbleweeds blowing past an abandoned tin shed. I even have one city friend who makes a banjo noise whenever I enter the room. Dear world, Wagga has civilisation. Aside from that, since moving to the coast, spending a lot of time in Sydney, overseas travels, and experiencing a bit more 'culture', I have realised.... the world is screwed.


I'm not talking about the environment, the economy or the world exploding in 2012... people, humans... are screwed. No, not all of them. Just... a large majority it seems. And this becomes more apparent to me every day. And it's pretty entertaining!


Maybe it's not because i've launched into independence and expanded my horizons, but because I catch public transport.


I could write a book about the people who catch the free bus, like the old couple that wear matching Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian caps.


Then there are the people that have massive conversations... with themselves. Now I'll admit I probably mutter the odd "oh damn, I forgot to get milk" under my breath in public, but I am constantly surprised by the people who talk to themselves. And no they are not wearing headpieces and talking hands free.. I checked. They are just loopy. It's not just an odd few. I witness this daily. They don't even seem to acknowledge they are doing it, even when I am looking at them like they are from another planet.


I like catching trains to sit in the window seat and watch emotional goodbyes and reunions. I also like sitting next to interesting people that tell you their life story but it is actually super INTERESTING! Especially old people. The other day I spoke to a 91-year-old man who was telling me how much he loved his late wife. It was beautiful.


However it's always a gamble, and when you look down the aisle to find your number and discover the dude in the purple and red spandex pants (a little bit like the beauties below) is your company for the next 7 hours, welcome to the countrylink experience.



Here i've compiled a list of what I hate about trains:

- People who don't wear deodorant

- People who fail to realise their kid has shat themselves

- People who's body fat overlaps beyond their individual seat

- People who quietly hum/sing

- People who recline their chair without warning whilst you spill boiling coffee on the tray attached behind

- People who don't notice their ipod is so loud, that the next carriage can hear "Big Booty Bitches"

- The fact that there is always a jail escapee in every carriage, bragging about their time in the 'clink'.


Other fun experiences i have had are listening to a chick swear at the top of her lungs on the phone to her boyfriend for 6 hrs and 45 minutes of the 7 hr night train...

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