How much PDA is TOO much?
14.12.2011 Snowbunny

I'll be honest, I've been single pretty much my entire adult life...until now.

My point is that I know exactly what it's like to be a 'third wheel' in social situations and feel awkward or nauseous in the presence friends dripping with over the top Public Displays of Affection.

So...this is exactly what I have been trying to avoid doing with my new boyfriend; for the sanity of my single friends, and any other human in close proximity for that matter!

I thought this is what guys would want anyway, I mean, no one wants a needy, touchy-feely girlfriend. Do they?

Apparently mine does!

It seems my recent chilled out attitude in public failed a point where, after accusing me of ignoring him in public and acting disinterested, he refused to speak to me for an entire night!  He said I was making him feel insignificant by not giving him enough acknowledgement.

Which brings me to my question: How much PDA is TOO much?






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