Golf clubs: on par with other wedding venues?
30.04.2012 StephHope

A couple of weekends ago, I was privileged to be a guest at my cousin Jennifer’s gorgeous wedding. It was held at a lovely old church surrounded by bushland, followed by a reception at Monash Golf Club in Sydney’s Ingleside. Both were within walking distance of each other, which was very handy for us guests – not too far to go for a glass of bubbly!


And then a month before that, we went to another cousin’s wedding (this time on my husband’s side), which was held at Riverside Oaks in Windsor – another golf club. It got me thinking about why golf clubs make such great wedding venues.


Now before I go too far, I should admit that I’m slightly biased – my big day was held at Roseville Golf Club, also in Sydney, in a nod to my now hubby’s love of golf as well as our modest budget. But they really are a great option! Here’s why….


1) You have the function room, kitchen, tables, chairs, cutlery and sound system sitting there, ready to go. All you need to do is add some decorations and flowers in your colour scheme and you’re done!

2) All the golfers go home at night, so you have the place to yourselves.

3) Lots of golf clubs also offer a ceremony option – either on the lawns, on the terrace or verandah and some even have little chapels on sight. If you choose this option, you save your guests from having to travel between two venues (read: they can get stuck straight into the drinks and canapés while you go off for some photos).

4) Speaking of photos, you have a lush green golf course at your disposal for some lovely post-wedding shots (weather permitting, of course)

5) Golf courses can be a more economical option when it comes to food and wine packages. And you won’t be limited for choice – most clubs offer an extensive menu with an impressive wine list to match.

6) There’s usually plenty of parking for your guests, depending on what time you’re arriving (it may be busier at certain times of the day due to the golfers coming and going for their games).


But of course, with all the pros, there are also some cons, including….

1) In most cases, you will have to use the golf club’s resident chef, rather than having the option of bringing in your own caterer.

2) Some golf clubs place restrictions on where and when you can have your ceremony and take photos. This is usually for safety reasons (don’t want to get whacked in the head by a stray golf ball!) and out of respect for the paying golf club members.

3) Sound restrictions may also apply if the golf course is surrounded by residential homes.

4) The décor in some clubs may seem a little dated, so be sure to check out the carpet, chairs, walls, lights and bathrooms when you’re scouting for venues.


Are you holding your wedding at a golf course? Which one?



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