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11.06.2012 StephHope

I remember when I was planning my wedding, one of the hardest jobs for me was choosing the music. I felt so much pressure to select “the perfect” song for every key moment – walking down the aisle, signing the register, entering the reception and the big one, our first dance as husband and wife. Not to mention the dancing music – I knew what I loved, but would those songs get everyone else up and grooving?


Matt and I didn’t have “a song”, something that summed us up as a couple or reminded us of our first date (well, Matchbox 20’s 3am sprang to mind, but it wasn’t really wedding material). So for months I scoured lists of songs online, flicked through every CD in our collection and even our families’ collections and listened keenly to the radio, waiting for something romantic to come on the air.


In the end I decided on some classic faves which I was confident we would still love years later - Without You by Brooke Fraser to walk down the aisle, Your Song by Elton John while we signed the register, Feeling Good by Michael Buble as we entered the reception and Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy for our first dance.


But there’s no reason why you have to put the same pressure on yourself when planning the tunes for your day. These days, anything goes and music is more about adding a fun vibe to the proceedings that professing your undying love for each other! So consider a fast song for walking down the aisle, a current chart-topper that you’re obsessed with for your bridal waltz or a song from your favourite movie as you enter the reception. One of the couples in our next issue planned a choreographed dance with their bridal party to the Jackson Five’s Blame it on the Boogie, one bride entered the reception with her groom to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, while another bride and groom chose a salsa track for their first dance.


And as for a list of tracks to guarantee a packed dance floor, why not follow the lead of plenty of today’s couples and ask each guest to suggest a song that will get them dancing when they RSVP? If you have a DJ or MC, they can even announce who nominated each song as it starts – nothing like taking the pressure off you and sharing it around among your guests!


Tell us, what’s on your wedding soundtrack?


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