Let us eat cake - every day!
19.04.2012 VictoriaK

My cosy relationship with cake isn’t unusual and I’m confident my colleagues here at Cosmo Bride would all agree that life without spongy, fluffy sweet delights wouldn’t be worth living. I carried out a little survey earlier in the week to suss out the girls’ all-time favourite cakes with some surprising results. The number-one flavour, of course, was chocolate, but there were a few rogues that crept in and it seems the Cosmo Bride team have superior palates when it comes to their baked goods.

This got me thinking about wedding cakes and the popular choice of chocolate mud as a filling. Sure, most guests are going to love chocolate so it’s a safe option, but I’d be rather tempted to break the mould and come up with tier-upon-tier of all my dream flavours. Here’s how the fantasy Cosmo Bride cake would take form …

Tier one: Banana cake with passionfruit icing

Tier two: Black Forest gâteau

Tier three: Red velvet cake and cream cheese icing

Tier four: Jam doughnuts

Tier five: Hazelnut torte

Tier six: Gelati cake in heaps of different flavours

Tier seven: Cinnamon tea cake (must be enjoyed with a cup of tea)

Tier eight: Crème brûlée cake (if this hasn’t been invented already, someone needs to!)

Tier nine: Chocolate mousse cake

Tier ten: Banoffee pie

Tier eleven: Devil’s food cake

Tier twelve: The pièce de résistance – pavlova!


What would your fantasy wedding cake consist of?



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