This bride switched out bouquets for rescue puppies in her wedding photos

The reason will melt your heart.

By Natasha Harding

If there’s an award for the ‘best bridal party photo ever’ we’d like to make a nomination. Rather than opting for the picture-perfect (yet often super-staged setup) that we’ve scrolled past on our Newsfeed about a trillion times, one bride mixed up the bridal party photoshoot tradition and the results are incred.

Sarah Mallouk Crain and her husband Matt decided to swap out the standard peony bouquets for a five adorable boxer-coonhound rescue puppies and holy effing shit our hearts are exploding.

Like the bridesmaids, the puppers were all female but, before you tap out of the cuteness, wait until you hear the names: Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth, Louisa and Martha.

Just when you thought the whole thing couldn’t get any sweeter, Crain explains that the reason they made the switch was to show people how adorable rescue dogs are.

Mission accomplished guys, mission accomplished.

“Don’t shop, adopt. The puppies that you see in our photos are just as good as any that you’d find in a pet store,” Crain told Buzzfeed. We couldn't agree more bbz.

Honestly though, can we just marry Sarah already?