Whitney Port wins the wedding dress game - hands down


By Natasha Harding
Whitney Port wins the wedding dress game - hands down

Just like every other committed fan of The Hills, we've pretty much been drooling over Whitney Port's wedding journey. Every.Step.Of.The.Way.

And so it's safe to say our hopes were preeeeeeetty high for Whitney's big reveal on the day.

Needless to say, the new Mrs Rosenman went above and BEYOND our wildest Hills-saturated dreams <33

Whitney's custom made Ashi Studio dress has a heavenly waterfall hemline, showing off her killer legs and floral applique heels, while the embroidered lace bodice keeps the style classically beautiful.

Her hair and makeup is also 100% on point.

Whitney's paired-back, elegant bride style is very Grace Kelly - and we're TOTALLY diggin' it.

Props to Whit for just raising the wedding dress bar to heavenly heights.

Oh, and congrats on marrying the guy you love (you know, I guess that's kinda important at a wedding too... but we were really just dying to see the dress).

  • Author: Natasha Harding