Australia, meet your next Bachelorette: Ali Oetjen

We did not see this coming.

By: Katie Stow

We had barely just wiped away our tears from sobbing heavily at Sam's goddamn glorious proposal to Tara when the Bachelor in Paradise end credits rolled in and dropped one heck of a bombshell: That Ali Oejten is Australia's next Bachelorette!

After failing to work things out with Grant (after he gave her a fugly commitment ring and then she moved to LA to be with him), Ali has clearly not lost faith in the franchise and is signing up for another series of Bachie, but this time she's putting herself in the driving seat.

Following in the footsteps of Sam Frost, Georgia Love and Sophie Monk, Ali will be given a whole host of fellas to pick from and hand out roses to.

This will be Ali's third time around with the Bachie fam, after appearing on Tim Robards' season of The Bachelor, where she jumped off a boat on one of her dates and broke her leg, and, of course, on the season of Bachelor in Paradise that literally just wrapped seconds ago.

The news comes as a bit of a shock, as to us sitting at home, she'd only just committed herself to Grant (the American invader on BIP), after basically saying that she was gagging for a proposal before she upped sticks and moved to L.A to be with him.

Her love story with Grant ended with them walking off hand in hand, after exchanging 'promise rings' (seriously, could we get more Jonas Brothers up in here?!). And while we thought everything in the present day was hunky dory, the rolling credits at the end of the show explained that Ali had gone over to the States to make a go of things with Grant, but that things didn't work out.

Suspiciously vague, don't you think?

According to some rumours published by Woman's Day, the real reason things broke off is because of what went down when Ali got to L.A. Here's what their source had to say:

Also, Keira (who we bloody loved on this series of Bachelor in Paradise, by the way) said that Grant is a straight-up FAKE. "He's as fake as they come. Don't be fooled by his nice guy behaviour. That guy is on a mission, and it's not a nice one. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!"

So it's probably a good thing that Ali canned him and she's off on a new romantic adventure, with Osher by her side once again. He'll make sure she ends up with a good'un this time, because third time's a charm, right?

To catch yourself up on all things Ali, here's a little reminder of her back story pre-Paradise: