'Bachelor in Paradise' refresher: Who is Ali Oetjen from 'The Bachelor' season one?

Ali is one of the OG contestants.

By: Jessica Chandra

When Bachelor in Paradise premieres on March 25, there will be a bunch of familiar faces from the past five seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette returning for a second chance at love.

Most of them will be easily recognisable, since a majority of the contestants have been recruited from the most recent seasons of the show (think Apollo Jackson, Jarrod Woodgate and Tara Pavlovic).

But there are some contestants who will trigger a "who's that?" reaction, especially from viewers who haven't been watching The Bachelor from the very beginning.

One of those is Ali Oetjen. It looks like the blonde babe will get a few of the guys' attention — cough, Jarrod, cough — so we're rewinding back to her original Bachelor days for a little refresher.

Which season of 'The Bachelor' was Ali on?

Ali is one of the OGs! She appeared on Australia's very first season of The Bachelor, which starred Tim Robards as the leading man. Anna Heinrich went on to 'win' that season, and Tim and Anna are now engaged after almost five years together.

At the time, Ali said she hadn't found The One "because I know exactly what I want. He has to be perfect for me and anything that falls short of that I won't settle for."

What did Ali place on 'The Bachelor'?

Ali was Tim's second runner-up. She was devastated when he didn't give her a rose. The two finalists were Anna and Rochelle Emanuel-Smith.

What are Ali's most memorable moments from 'The Bachelor'?

Oh, so many. For starters, Ali was a go-getter from the very first cocktail — she even tried to kiss Tim, but he politely dodged it.

Her persistence paid off, though, and she ended up being the first girl to score a proper kiss from Tim on one of her single dates.

Another thing Ali became known for on her season of The Bachelor was when she broke her leg during one of the dates. In a bid to impress Tim, she jumped off a boat into water, but she landed awkwardly to the point that she needed two surgeries and a knee reconstruction.

Hey, at least it wasn't awkward when Tim and Anna visited her in hospital…

Who has Ali dated since the show?

A few years after The Bachelor, Ali settled down with Dave Waldeck (during her brunette phase), and the two actually got engaged. There's no word on when that relationship ended, but it obviously didn't work out because she went on Bachelor in Paradise.

Dave and Ali

What does Ali do?

When she appeared on The Bachelor in 2013, Ali was a 27 year old from South Australia who worked as a real estate agent.

Since then, she's dabbled with hosting radio shows in South Australia, and has focused on health, fitness and wellness to rebrand herself as a "healthy lifestyle motivator" (that's what her Instagram bio says). She has an eBook coming out in April.

What are Ali's social media accounts?

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