Did Tara just completely spoil the ending of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?!

We literally ~just~ started with this show…

By: Katie Stow

Everyyyyooone remembers Tara Pavlovic from Matty J's season of The Bachelor Australia. She was the lovable self-confessed bogan who had a hectic laugh and went straight from being dumped on national television to the Maccas drive-through for some nuggets. Basically, she is the people's princess and we were STOKED to find out she would be appearing on the first ever season of Bachelor in Paradise.

For those of you who missed the premiere episode (even though there is no excuse for not setting your phone alarm to remind you that this shitstorm was about to begin), Tara was actually the first to arrive in 'Paradise' (AKA a fancy AF resort in Fiji).

Though the first episode didn't showcase any romantic moments for old mate Tara, but people thought that things could get a little hot and steamy with Jake because it looked like they were snogging in a waterfall. Turns out though, that this is actually Florence, not Tara. Whoops!

HOWEVER! Even though she kinda bad-mouthed him to Florence and the other girls, saying, "Everyone has a Jake Ellis story," (yeah, Tarz!), is it possible that the two enjoyed a little dalliance in Paradise?

In an interview with Marie Claire, Tara chatted freely about her relationship with Jake, saying:

Came out strong you say? Like getting engaged at the end-levels of strong?!

But before she could give ~everything~ away, she said that viewers will, "Have to wait and see. I can't confirm or deny." Clearly covering up her big-mouth tracks…

For now, as we're sure the Bachelor in Paradise publicist has lost her shit at Tara and is keeping her quiet for the rest of the promo tour, we'll just have to stick it out and watch the whole of the series to see what the hoot actually happens.

Let our Bachelor in Paradise-packed weeks begin…

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