Are 'Bachelor in Paradise' cuties Tara and Sam engaged?

That could be Sam’s voice proposing in the promo...

By: Jessica Chandra

We can all agree that Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane have emerged as the cutest couple on Bachelor in Paradise.

We almost can't believe we're saying it. While we knew Tara would be cute AF with whoever she ended up with, we never thought that person would be Sam — who, let's be real, was a bit of a dick on Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette. And Tara felt the same way, saying there was no way she would fall for "Uncle Sam" when he arrived on the island. Then, one date and one kiss later, she wrote this about Sam on Instagram: "Oh boy was I wrong about you."

Since hooking up — and, uh, apparently having rampant sex around the island — Tara and Sam have been sweet and drama-free.

They haven't been involved in any of the other love triangles, breakups or partner-swaps, and have simply observed all the tropical drama from their comfortable little love bubble.

Sam even built Tara a little love shack!

The way Tara and Sam have posted about each other on Instagram has been super telling. While other couples on the show have either avoided posting about their island partner, or have even unfollowed each other on Instagram — like Luke McLeod and Lisa Hyde, and Ali Oetjen and Grant Kemp — Tara and Sam can't stop gushing about each other! And they keep posting photos where they're kissing — we know that social media has become part of the publicity machine, but surely you wouldn't be posting this many photos if you'd broken up.

Anyway, Tara and Sam's loved-up state has led many people to believe that Sam is the one who proposes in the promo! And now that we come to think of it… it does sound like him!

(TBH, it actually sounds like Osher, but we know it can't be him.)

Woman's Day has also reported that Tara and Sam are getting ready to tie the knot, and that they've taken their relationship to the next level in the real world, with Sam moving out of his Sydney flat and into Tara's Gold Coast apartment.

"They are in love and it's completely genuine," said a source. "They didn't argue once in Paradise — it's as if they were destined to be together!"

If this is true, could you imagine this wedding? We'd 100 per cent want an invite.

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