Bachelor in Paradise: Keira and Jarrod play out their dream wedding, and have us all panicking that they’re already married!

But you can breathe, it’s just a photo shoot.

By: Katie Stow

Keira and Jarrod have had quite the tumultuous relationship on Bachelor in Paradise, falling for different people and playing games with each other non-stop. But now that we've reached the finale of the show, what's going to happen to Keira and Jarrod?

Whilst we're pretty sure it's either Ali and Grant or Tara and Sam that get engaged, we now know that Keira and Jarrod are still together — and pretty damn serious from the looks of things, as they just did a wedding shoot together!

With Keira donning a strapless ball gown, paired with a gold crown and some gumboots, she strolls hand in hand with Jarrod on his family's vineyard for an exclusive Women's Day photo shoot — giving us a very accurate look into what their real life wedding day could look like.

In the accompanying interview, Keira gushes about how much she loves Jarrod:

Despite her knowing that Jarrod is 'The One', and the pair of them doing this very full-on photo shoot, it's fairly obvious to see that Keira isn't wearing a ring on that finger, so the two aren't actually even engaged yet.

We'd bloody love to see the look on our boyfriend's face if we asked him to do a wedding shoot when he hadn't actually popped the question!

But back to Keira and Jarrod, and the warped little love bubble they live in.

Jarrod says that Keira has meshed so well with his family, saying, "Everybody loves her. They'll just call her for a catch-up. My sister adores Keira." Which is pretty handy, because it seems Keira is living with them — at least part time, that is.

According to Women's Day, Keira has now moved from Sydney to Victoria to be with Jarrod — with the two now splitting their time between the vineyard and their new home together in Brighton.

Now all we have to do is wait for Jarrod to ~actually~ propose... We're waiting, Jarrod. We're waiting....