Everything we found out about ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ from the new explosive trailer

There’s a proposal, people!!!

By: Katie Stow

We are finally in the year of Bachelor In Paradise Australia! The juicy show is set to pop up on our screens in a few months and honestly we cannot wait to see all our old Bachie faves lumped onto a tropical island together.

While we have seen a little sneak peek of what the brand new series has to offer, a full trailer for the show was dropped on The Project last night and now we KNOW SO MUCH.

Here, we give you a rundown of everything we think will happen on Bachelor in Paradise Australia, based off this explosive trailer


For those who have watched the American version of this show, you will know that the odd ring box is pulled out during the Bachelor in Paradise finale — confirming that the couple have found ~true love~ by putting a big old (sponsored-by-the-jeweller) ring on it.

As we don't usually operate on such an extreme level of cheese in 'Straya, none of us were expecting a proposal on the debut season of Bachelor in Paradise. Heck, most Bachelor and Bachelorette finales don't even end in an engagement!

Buuuuut there is definitely a popping of a question, as proven by this smack-you-in-ya-face shot:

#2 Tara and Jake are soooo hooking up!

We legit leaped for joy when we found out self-confessed bogan, Tara Pavlovic, was going to appear on Bachelor in Paradise. She provided top notch commentary and one hell of a cackle, so we know she's going to be a hoot on the show.

And who better for her to smooch it up with in paradise than Queensland hottie and Cosmo Bachelor of the Year contender, Jake Ellis?!

The two (well we're pretty sure it's both of them) can be seen snogging in a waterfall. CAUTE.

#3 Does Jarrod break Keira’s heart?!

It's the world's worst kept secret that Keira Maguire has the hots for Jarrod Woodgate. She thought he was adorable when he had his heart ripped out of his chest by Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette, and then spoke to Cosmo explicitly about what exactly she'd like to do with him, so we kinda saw their hook up as a given.

BUT, Keira can be seen in the trailer crying her eyes out, coining Sophie Monk's practically trademarked phrase, "I just want someone to love me for me." Does this mean that she gets her heartbroken by Jarrod?!

#4 There’s a ‘love square’

A love triangle is somewhat commonplace, but Tara says in the trailer, "This love triangle has become a love square," followed by Jarrod saying, "I'm fuming right now," and Florence admitting, "I'm actually embarrassed right now."

Obviously, because editing is a thing, this doesn't mean that the love square involves Tara, Jarrod and Florence, but now we just want to know who is in this sticky situation!

#5 Lisa and Luke McLeod look pretty cosy

Because he's not a confirmed contestant, we're not entirely sure if this is legit, but in one of the shots it seems like Lisa is playing around in the ocean with Luke McLeod (from Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette).

There are then shots of Lisa saying, "We've fallen so deeply in love," whilst smiling on the beach. And while we don't want to speculate too much, this looks like the shot from the beach proposal. Just saying…

#6 We now (kinda) know everyone that will appear on ‘Bachelor In Paradise Australia’

From the trailer's rolling credits, we can confirm that Laurina, Jarrod, Florence, Davey, Tara, Michael, Keira, Lisa, Apollo and Ali are all on the show.

From the voiceovers in the trailer, we DEFINITELY heard Leah's voice (the vilified contestant from Matty J's season of The Bachelor) and we spotted Luke McLeod frolicking with Lisa too.

The reason why not everyone who is on Bachelor in Paradise is revealed straight away is because new contestants will be introduced each week, replacing ones who have been voted off the island in a brutal rose ceremony. So if your fave Bachie isn't there week one, hold out for their arrival later on.