Did this clip just completely spoil the 'Bachelor in Paradise' proposal?!

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead.

By: Katie Stow

It's finally here! The last week of Bachelor in Paradise, and (hopefully) the reveal of who the heck proposes at the end of the series.

Just in case you've had a mind blank about it, the remaining couples include: Unexpected pair Keira and Jarrod, ridiculously cute Tara and Sam, oh-so serious Ali and Grant, and the unfairly attractive couple Megan and Jake.

As far as we know, there's only one proposal set for the finale, so who's it gonna be?!

Well, it seems that Channel Nine are really trying to heavily hint that it's Grant that gets down on bended knee for his Aussie babe, Ali, if the trailer is anything to go by. The fact it opens with Ali saying, "I hope Grant will propose today," is a pretty obvious nod to an impending engagement.

But the main giveaway is that the trailer shows a dude's hands holding the ring box, and these hands most definitely belong to Grant. Don't believe us? See the beige sleeves in the ring shot and then the beige jacket on Grant just after.

(Disclaimer: Unless there's a rapid jacket change scene, none of the other blokes are wearing beige.)

Grant also says, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you," which is a CLASSIC lead in to, "Will you marry me? Please and thank you very much."

Watch the full Bachelor in Paradise proposal trailer here:

But could we just be thrown off scent so that we're doubly shocked when another couple gets engaged instead?! Whilst Grant is known for proposing on Bachelor in Paradise (as he popped the question on the US version of the show), Keira and Jarrod look pretty damn emotional in the trailer too. Plus, Florence even admitted that Jarrod was going to propose to Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette, so he's clearly ready to settle down.

In the trailer, Keira breaks down in tears as Jarrod says, "I can't see my future without Keira." It's unclear whether they are emotional heartbreak tears or 'OMG I'm getting engaged' tears. But seeing as there have been paparazzi photos of the couple at the beach together recently, we can only assume that these two stay together.

We're kind of ruling out Megan and Jake, because they seem a little earlier on in their relationship, and Megan said in an interview that she would say no if Jake asked her to marry him. So that just leaves Sam and Tara – AKA our favourite BIP couple.

These two were a massively unexpected pairing, but dear lord they are adorable together. Whilst we didn't think they were at the engagement stage yet (as they've only just dropped the L-bomb to each other), an interview with the couple revealed their wedding plans — having us wondering whether Uncle Sam does pop the question in the finale?!

Nevertheless, our bets are still on Grant and Ali — even though we want it to be Sam and Tara the most!